Design: Modern Temperament/Oliver Klimpel, Till Sperrle
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Cohabitation Diskurs: Animalesque City – Cinematic Visions on Cohabitation am 25.6.

With Dunya Bouchi, Christian Hiller, Jorge Godoy Roman, Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Florentin Steininger & Sjoerd Krijnen am 25.6., 18 –20 Uhr, im silent green. Book a ticket here

‘Animalesque’ is a collaboration between architects Jorge Godoy Roman, Florentin Steininger, Ana Zatezalo Schenk and Sjoerd Krijnen, dedicated to knowledge production about the potential of architectural design as a stimulus for biodiversity.


This evening crosses two projects with very different expressions and approaches to explore and capture this subject: the Animalesque City film-competition has generated visions on human-animal coexistence all around the world. Together, the submitted films express visionary animalesque realities, constructed from different global perspectives and seen through a multiplicity of lenses. The six winning entries will be screened and discussed with the film makers and jurors Dunya Bouchi (ANCB) and Christian Hiller (ARCH+).


The second project is the prototypical and experimental observatory ‘Soil Pipers/Bodenorgel’ which was designed and built by Animalesque as part of the Cohabitation exhibition in the garden of Silent Green. The installation is co-run by the 7th graders of nearby Theodor - Heuss-Gemeinschaftsschule in an educational program to learn about local history, urban biology and the concept of cohabitation.  


These movies are selected as winners of the Animalesque City competition and will be screened:
Vendor Beast – Finn Rabbitt Dove
Dirt – Blanka Dominika Major
Elysia - Natalya Dikhanov, Sadie Imae, Zak Forrest
I’m not mad, I’m Nomad - Tomiris Batalova
The Golden Age - Valeria Meiller, Agustin Schang
A Dove Tale – Will Fu