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ARCH+ Incidental-Space-Christian-Kerez

Politics of Post-Representation

Von Steyerl, Hito /  Jordan, Marvin

Marvin Jordan sat down with the artist Hito Steyerl for DIS Magazine. Steyerl’s work addresses the social and technological conditions of visual culture. In doing so, she ties her treatment of questions of aesthetic representa- tion to a critique of political representation. Steyerl doesn’t only attribute the “lie of the image”—an issue Armen Avanessian describes as critically import in the emergence of Incidental Space—to technological inade- quacies; instead, she understands the “lie of the image” in the context of a political program whose leveling and reductive view leads to forms of deviance being phased out. Using the example of digital photography, she demon- strates that it’s not just a matter of analogous phenomena taking place in the political and technological realms. Rather, politics and technology are growing ever more coextensive, as algorithms are not only employed to interpolate prior experiences over blemishes or gaps (to facilitate pleasurable experiences by aesthetically evoking one’s own past), but instead to entirely suppress images that are undesirable or non-conforming. …

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