ARCH+ 211/212

Erschienen in ARCH+ 211/212,
Seite(n) 16-19

ARCH+ 211/212

ADAUA. Panafrican Institute for Development, Ouagadougou

Von ADAUA Burkina Faso /  Cappeller, Riccarda

It had become increasingly clear by the 1970s that the social and economic development of Africa could no longer consist of the direct transfer of Western practices onto the continent. In the face of the worldwide energy crisis and rising import prices for “modern” building materials, socially oriented building projects served as testing grounds for alternative architectural models that adapted to local conditions and construction techniques. The Association pour le developpement Naturel d’une Architecture et d’un urbanisme Africains (AdAuA) took up this issue in 1975, studying local materials and putting them to use in building projects—primarily in West Africa.



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