Francelle Cane: CoA Table

Cultures of Assembly podcast goes live

The Cultures of Assembly platform (CoA) has launched its podcast programme, featuring its first conversations with guests Clémentine Deliss, Rahel Süß, and Dennis Pohl.

CoA is a long-term research initiative run by the Chair of the City of Esch, a city within a particular cross-border geography at southern Luxembourg, transforming from heavy to the service industry. CoA is a project for discussing and speculating on spaces of agonism and democracies in the making.

We operate as a platform for productive friction, conflict, and negotiation on spatial politics and the public sphere. Our physical space and its online tool aim to generate productive dialogues between urban pasts, presents, and futures –– and the various communities who claim and produce them.

Now live on the CoA website as well as Apple, Spotify, Anchor, and Amazon platforms.



Markus Miessen is Professor of Urban Regeneration at the University of Luxembourg, where he holds the Chair of the City of Esch. His work revolves around questions of critical spatial practice, institution building, and spatial politics.

Marija Marić is a postdoctoral researcher. Her work focuses on the production of the built environment through the questions of property, real estate and media.

César Reyes is a postdoctoral researcher. His work explores urban social dynamics and degrowth strategies to critically update the notion of sustainable development.

Francelle Cane is a doctoral researcher. Her work focuses on the question of the ruin through the perspective of late capitalism, spatial policies, and the man-altered landscape.




Master in Architecture 

University of Luxembourg


Photos: Severin Malaud