Ausstellung im Schaufenster

Weydingerstraße 10, 10178 Berlin
täglich, 24 Stunden 
von 24.11. bis zum 28.12.

Organisiert von Ludwig Engel und Olaf Grawert

Works on view:

von Brandlhuber+ Olaf Grawert and Christopher Roth; Michaela Friedberg, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Annalena Morra, Anna Yeboah

Who designs laws? What shapes architecture? Who owns the ground? What shapes our build environment? These current questions about the political agency of architects are the main focus of Architecting after Politics. The film continues what the two previous parts Legislating Architecture (30‘, 2016) and The Property Drama (32‘, 2017) began and leads us to a crucial question of our time: Who architects?

The protagonists from the fields of architecture, art, politics, economy and technology provide controversial answers to this question. With a variety of case studies and interviews, the film illustrates and explains the complexity of decision-making structures within architecture and the building industry. Spanning the arc from the politicization of architects, over the idea of democracy vs. freedom, to a new understanding of responsibility and alternative architectural models.

with Jens Badura, Oana Bogdan, Daniela Brahm, James Bridle, Leo van Broeck, Keller Easterling, Tom Emerson, Richard Florida, Yona Friedman, Phyllis Lambert, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Les Schliesser, Gerold Schneider, Patrik Schumacher, Kazuyo Sejima, Luigi Snozzi, Jonas Staal, Raquel Rolnik, terra0, Stephan Trüby, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Hans-Jochen Vogel and many more

von ARCH+ with Arno Brandlhuber and Olaf Grawert (station+, DARCH, ETH Zurich); Ilkin Akpinar, Frederick Coulomb, Nora Dünser, Nils Fröhling, Mirko Gatti, Dorothee Hahn, Christian Hiller, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Max Kaldenhoff, Melissa Koch, Alexandra Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo, Christine Rüb, Lorenz Seidl, Alexander Stumm, Jan Westerheide (ARCH+); Kristof Croes, David Djuric, Jakob Eden, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Annalena Morra, Peter Richter, Anna Yeboah (Brandlhuber+); Michaela Friedberg, Anna MacIver-Ek (station+)

3. SUR—FAKE (2015)
von Antoine Geiger

SUR­—FAKE is a series of images by french architect and visual artist Antoine Geiger in which he visualizes the obsessive and immersive relationship with smartphones through a series of digital manipulations. It is placing the screen as an object of „mass subculture,“ alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world. Faces are sucked from their origin by an unseen force embedded within each device, stretching the person’s features into an unrecognizable blur.

4. BRUNCH À LA LOFT (1987—1988)
von Martha Rosler

from: Rewards of Money
Courtesy of Galerie Nagel Draxler