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International Summer Academy Zurich, July 22 – August 05, 2012

The process of suburbanisation seems to be advancing unstoppably. A faceless, anonymous mesh of settlements is spreading itself around the old core cities. Do we really want to continue this destruction of one of our most important resources, the landscape, and of one of our most important cultural achievements, the city? The International Summer Academy Zurich poses a central question: how can we condense the agglomerations to form a city, while preserving landscape spaces?

Well-known architects from Switzerland and other countries will examine the themes of agglomeration/city/landscape using the example of the Zurich metropolitan area. The vision “Glatt – the City” produced by the Architects Group Krokodil for a new city near Zurich provides the conceptual basis.

The event will be accompanied by a broad range of public lectures and discussions involving architects, planners, economists, politicians and representatives of public authorities.

During two weeks 10 Design Studios will work on various tasks and topics based on the vision “Glatt – the city” of the Architects Group Krokodil. The results will be reviewed publicly on the last day of the event, Saturday, 04 August 2012. Furthermore, the Summer Academy will be accompanied by public lectures and discussions to which we would like to invite you. This public evening program will take place from Monday to Thursday starting at 06.00 pm.
“FROM SUBURB TO CITY” is organised by the Architects Group Krokodil  (EM2N, pool, Roger Boltshauser, Frank Zierau, Schweingruber Zulauf) and the Department of Architecture of the ETH Zurich.


ARNO BRANDLHUBER, Berlin (Brandlhuber+) /
SAM CHERMAYEFF, Berlin (June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff) 

DON MURPHY, Amsterdam (VMX Architects)

BOSTJAN VUGA, Ljubljana (Sadar + Vuga) 

ALFREDO BRILLEMBOURG & HUBERT KLUMPNER, Zurich, Caracas, New York , São Paulo (Urban-Think Tank)


KUNLÉ ADEYEMI, Amsterdam, Lagos (NLÉ) 

MARK LEE, Los Angeles, (Johnston Marklee) 

DAVID TROTTIN, Paris (Périphériques) 

MARTIN REIN-CANO, Berlin (Topotek 1) 

CHRISTOPHE GIROT, Zurich (Atelier Girot) 
LUKAS SCHWEINGRUBER, Zurich (Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten)

Many of the protagonists of the International Summer Academy Zurich have been frequent contributors to ARCH+. In the latest issue ARCH+ 205 "Servicearchitekturen" we published an extensive review on EM2N's Tony Areal along with a prolegomena by Stephan Trüby (see also ARCH+ featuring EM2N and Stephan Trüby at ZHdK). We also introduced the results of a study on the subject of the suburban phenomena of logistic landscapes called "Tertiär, grau" conducted by Anne-Julchen Bernhard at RWTH Aachen. We also provided an analysis on Arno Brandlhuber's Case Studies on typologies of fluid spatial programming defined by us as architecture of the Black Box.



Date of event: 22 July - 05 August 2012

Place of event: ETH Zuric, ONA-Building (Werk 11), Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, 8050 Zurich Oerlikon, Switzerland

Public lectures and discussions:
Mo. to Thur. from 06.00 pm: Lectures and discussions with bar service and reasonable prices
Sat. 28 July and Sat. 05 Aug.: Reviews
Sat. 05 Aug.: Final party

Participants: The International Summer Academy Zurich is open to students as well as professionals worldwide. Approx. 100 participants from around 30 countries worldwide, selected in an application process.

Language: The tuition language is English.

Documentation required for application: Completed application form and selection of projects (pdf, approx. 4 pages, max. 8MB).

ECTS points: Students of the ETH Zurich receive 3 ECTS points for attending the event. The ETH will issue a certificate of participation for each attendant as well as a confirmation of the number of ECTS points for students from other universities.

Publication:  A publication of the results of the Academy has been budgeted and is currently at the planning stage.

Equipment: Students should bring computers with them. WLAN is freely available. The necessary infrastructure for printing, model making etc. is also provided.

Liability: The Architects Group Krokodil as well as D-ARCH of the ETH Zurich disclaim any liability for any damage to persons or property that may occur during the event. The participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance.

Visa requirements 
(for non- EU- citizens only): Each participant who requires a visa for Switzerland is responsible for obtaining this visa in good time.
Food and Transport: The expenses for for transport during the excursions as well as for daily snacks and a brekfast- service are included in the participation fee. Further expenses for transport and food are not covered.


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