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Prishtina, Or Why Legaliziation Matters

Von Hackenbroich, Wilfried /  Vöckler, Kai

NATO’s decision to send international Kosovo Force (KFOR) troops into the former Yugoslav republic in 1999 brought an end to the war between Serbian armed forces and the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army. The arrival of peacetime promptly triggered a construction boom: with the war over, the majority Kosovo-Albanian population immediately began building the city’s urgently needed housing. Real estate emerged as one of the most profitable business sectors due to the acute shortage of residential and commercial buildings. Demand was further stoked by the flow of migrants and refugees sent back from Western Europe after the end of the conflict. Prishtina’s population rapidly tripled to just under 300,000. As a result, the development and reconstruction of the city was extremely swift. However, some groups were not involved in this boom, including socially marginalized people who neither owned property nor had sufficient financial resources to participate, and the minority population of Kosovo Serbs, who were disinclined to invest in real estate as a result of the new power relations. …

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