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Life Unzoned Perspectives On Hybrid Urbanity

Von Kaldenhoff, Max /  Ngo, Anh-Linh

Functional separation was originally developed to protect inhabitants from the damaging effects of industrialization. But over the last few decades, the changing nature of the workplace has made the doctrine synonymous with anti-urban thought. In searching for fresh typological models for a new urban culture, a younger generation of architects and urbanists has prioritized issues like mixed-use development and the connection between the home and the workplace. In their quest for solutions, Sonja Nagel and Jan Theissen of the architecture firm AMUNT made a surprising discovery. They decided to delve into a territory generally seen as antithetical to the European city: the suburban space described by Thomas Sieverts as the Zwischenstadt (in-between city). Nagel and Theissen are interested in the complex realities of these indeterminate mixed-use regions, which, rather than being bland and ahistorical, “have meanwhile generated a wide spectrum of suburban structures with different functional characteristics and developed their own history with their own unique building types.”1 Other laws are in operation here, laws that facilitate mixed-use hybrid space. AMUNT chose the largely middle-class region surrounding Stuttgart as the research area for their study, “Buildings of the In-Between City.” Due to its industrial density, this area is one of the most affluent regions in Europe. Over the past few years, the architects have collaborated with students to document buildings in the region that unite life and work under the same roof. The majority of these hybrid buildings have a business on the ground floor and living quarters on the second floor. Their construction is predicated on a law that allows buildings in commercial areas to be used for residential purposes when they include managerial living quarters. …

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