ARCH+ 216

Die Klotz-Tapes / The Klotz Tapes

Von Klotz, Heinrich /  ARCH+

In his journal-like audio recordings—The Klotz Tapes—the art historian and DAM director Heinrich Klotz chronicles the eventful early years of the institution he founded. But his chronicle also sheds light on the emergence of the postmodern movement as a whole. This edition of the Tapes therefore contains supplementary portraits of eight major buildings that paved the way for postmodernism: Hans Hollein: Travel Agency in Opernringhof Robert Venturi: Vanna Venturi House Philip Johnson, John Burgee: AT&T Building Aldo Rossi: Housing Block in Gallaratese Bruno Reichlin, Fabio Reinhart: Casa Tonini Charles W. Moore: Moore House James Stirling, Michael Wilford & Associates Neue Staatsgalerie Shin Takamatsu: Ark Dental Clinic

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