ARCH+ 211/212

Erschienen in ARCH+ 211/212,
Seite(n) 194-209

ARCH+ 211/212

ARCH+ features 2: Francis Kéré über Architektur der Notwendigkeit / on Architecture of Necessity

Von Kéré, Francis

Coming from my home village of Gando in Burkina Faso to study architecture in Berlin was an enormous step for me at the time. When you look around the field of architecture, you quickly notice that there are very few African architects. It stands out because it exposes the unequal opportunities for education, but even more so because it reveals architecture as something luxurious. In this environment, discussing architecture from or in Africa is made even more difficult by the fact that, in the media, everything from Africa is portrayed as primitive and valueless. As an African, one often lacks the courage to stand up to this. You have to keep these conditions in your mind to properly evaluate the success of my projects in Africa. Despite the weak economic situation and the extreme climatic conditions, interesting projects have arisen that have had a great impact on the local as well as global scale.

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