ARCH+ 211/212

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ARCH+ 211/212

Zeitleiste - Wohnen / Housing

Von Spruth, Daniel /  Tajeri, Niloufar

Open Building Systems
 In tandem with the advances of industrialization, the principle of prefabrication became increasingly common in home construction in the early twentieth century. This evolution created a new arena for experimentation in architecture, allowing for a more flexible and individual treatment of architectural elements within frame constructions.

The Growing House Leberecht Migge (Jedermann Selbstversorger!, 1918) and Bruno Taut (Frühlicht, 1920–22) took up this topic in the early twentieth century. Because of its pre-planned adaptability, this building typology can change at any time to accommodate evolving needs and living situations.

Self-help / Self-build With the publication of Jedermann Selbstversorger! in 1918, Leberecht Migge created a DIY-guide to inexpensive housing construction for people in distress. Some of the approaches to emergency situations called for the mobilization of the people affected and relied on their labor as well.  

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