ARCH+ 211/212

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ARCH+ 211/212

Al Borde Arquitectos. Neue Hoffnung: Schulbauten aus Bambus in Ecuador / New Hope: Bamboo School Buildings in Ecuador

Von Al Borde Arquitectos /  Sturm, Philipp

Cabuyal, a village in Ecuador’s Manabí Province, did not have a school until 2005. But even that newly built facility was too small to adequately serve the community, leading a teacher there to ask Al Borde, David Barragán and Pascual Gangotena’s architecture firm in Quito, to design a new building for the community. In 2009, two new schools — bamboo structures named Nueva Esperanza [New Hope] and Esperanza_Dos [Hope two] — were erected there, almost directly on the Pacific coastline.

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