ARCH+ 211/212

Erschienen in ARCH+ 211/212,
Seite(n) 26-29

ARCH+ 211/212

Kultur zählt. Plädoyer für eine Architektur der Einmischung

Von Krasny, Elke

Architecture is an act—an act that takes place on the scale of the built environment. With its structures, a culture leaves lasting, visible signs. The colonial project of imperialism in the nineteenth century, for example, was well aware of this connection and used architecture to give expression to the power of progress. As such, building was demonstrative: government buildings, factories, railway stations, schools, residences, and prisons. A primary task of the buildings was to attest to the power of the colonial project. Today, in the age of globalized neoliberalism and neocolonialism, architectural demonstrations of power have become common once again. The architectural equivalent to global neoliberalism is the spectacular symbolism and ubiquitous spread of socalled “starchitecture.” Neocolonialism, in contrast, manifests itself in a combination of land grabbing, plantation logic, resource exploitation, and investment in the new infrastructure that makes these processes possible. In light of these developments, I would like to argue for an architecture of intervention, one which thinks globally, and which holds architecture’s social agenda in its sight. An architectural practice of this kind possesses three characteristics: nonsynthesizing hybridity, “close encounters” with the Other, and resistance. ...


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