ARCH+ 211/212

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ARCH+ 211/212

Zur Kritik des Entwicklungsdiskurses / Toward a Critique of the Discourse of Development

Von Ziai, Aram

It seems to us today almost nonsensical to deny that there is such a thing as “development,” or to dismiss it as a meaningless concept, just as it must have been virtually impossible to reject the concept “civilization” in the nineteenth century, or the concept ‘God’ in the twelfth. (James Ferguson) In the second half of the twentieth century, a transformation in the discourse of development can be seen: since the 1980s, the post development movement has criticized the hegemonic formation of the discourse of development as Eurocentric, depoliticized, and authoritarian. This crisis in development theory has led the discourse of development to recognize aspects of the critique while it simultaneously distanced itself from the vision of global social equality.

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