OPEN CALL Above/Below/Between: Light on a Damaged Planet

The Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Window Research Institute launch the CCA-WRI Research Fellowship Program. Application deadline: December 6, 2021

We are solar societies. Depending on our location, the Earth’s rotation and its position relative to the sun determine the length of our day. Architecture continues to shape, reorient, and capture the light emitted by the sun to allow for conditions that can sustain human communities. Conversely, the absence of the sun signals the need for a form of shelter that mediates environmental conditions, often of declining temperature, and can minimize apertures to retain heat and human-made forms of light. Windows in particular are focal points for light and can lead to a network of ecological, social, and cultural considerations. At the broadest scale, architecture is determined by its position in relation to planetary cycles, with the sun allowing for the flourishing of human life.

The 2022 CCA-WRI Research Fellowship Program Above/Below/Between: Light on a Damaged Planet seeks to understand architecture’s varied relationships to the changing material constitution of the light spectrum.

CCA-WRI Fellows will be offered a residency at the CCA between July and October 2022, for a period of one to three months. Each Fellow will receive a monthly stipend of 5000 CAD, as well as additional financial support for travel expenses.

The jury members or the inaugural edition of the CCA-WRI Research Fellowship Program are: Giovanna Borasi (CCA Director), Gökçe Günel (Assistant Professor in Anthropology at Rice University), Rafico Ruiz (CCA Associate Director, Research) and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Co-Founder of Atelier Bow-Wow/Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology).

Application deadline is December 6, 2021. See here for further information.