©IBA Thüringen, Foto: Thomas Müller

IBA Thüringen: The Future of Rural Areas - Join the Conversation! The StadtLand Forum at the Eiermannbau Apolda

In cooperation with the Wüstenrot Foundation, StadtLand Forums are taking place at the Eiermannbau Apolda in the final year of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thuringia.

They bring together stakeholders from the IBA Thuringia and the Wüstenrot Foundation with other experts, initiatives, students, university partners, and representatives from administration and politics. Together, we want to share knowledge, ideas, and practical experiences from the eleven-year IBA process and the projects of the Wüstenrot Foundation, discuss and further develop them, and negotiate positions on the future of rural areas. The forums serve as a platform and a place of learning, providing space for chance encounters and a unique urban-rural experience in an extraordinary location: the Eiermannbau Apolda.

The spatial and atmospheric setting for the StadtLand Forum was created by the collective raumlabor on the open space at the Eiermannbau Apolda. The reuse of materials and circularity played a special role in the construction of the platforms.

Come and join the discussion, everyone can participate in the forums! We also have spaces available for students and graduates who can actively contribute to the forums. If you are interested, please contact us at slf(a)iba-thueringen.de.

All information can be found at forum.iba-thueringen.de

StadtLand Forum 2: More Places for Many!
6th–9th July

StadtLand Forum 3: A Urban-Rural Building Transition!
3rd–6th August

StadtLand Forum 4: Towards Climate-Culture-Landscapes!
24th–27th August

StadtLand Forum 5: The Regional Approach!
7th–10th September.