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Fahim Amir

Solidarity is the Tenderness of the Species
Cohabitation its Lived Exploration



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4 to 6 June 2021
12 am to 20 pm

Soundinstallation: Not so Silent Green

silent green
5 June 2021
6 pm

Architectures of Cohabitation I

silent green
10 June 2021
6 pm

Cohabitation: The Agency of Art

25 June 2021
6 pm

Animalesque City: Cinematic Visions on Cohabitation

silent green
26 June 2021
6 pm

Architectures of Cohabitation II – Mäusebunker

silent green
3 July 2021
4 pm

Pet-City & Bangkok Opportunistic Ecologies

silent green
9 September 2021

Nature Protection and Right Wing Politics

16 September 2021
4-6 pm

Negotiating Nature

7 October 2021
8-10 pm

Mapping Cohabitation

Museum für Naturkunde, Sauriersaal
2 November 2021
6 pm to 8 pm

Organisms Democracy: Constitutional Court


Urban Explorations


11 June 2021
4 pm

Co-using Spreepark

12 June 2021
3-7 pm

Spreepark Soundscape – A Sonic Multispecies Structure

silent green
19 June 2021
3 to 8 pm

Organisms Democracy: Parliament

Osloer Str. 107/108, Berlin
2 Juli 2021
4 pm

Spaces of Cohabitation

silent green
3 July 2021
11 am to 1 pm

Organisms Democracy: Garden Executive

Osloer Str. 107/108, Berlin
6 August
4pm to 6pm

Urban Wilderness

20 August
4pm to 6pm

Quarantine and Biotopes

27 August
4 pm to 6 pm

Organism Democracy: Regulatory Regimes

Badstraße 39, 13357 Berlin

Artistic direction: Marion von Osten*, Christian Hiller, Alexandra Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo and Peter Spillmann


Curatorial assistance: Felix Hofmann


Project management: Christian Hiller


Production management exhibition: Franziska Zahl


Production management silent green: Linda Winkler


Event program: Jakob Walter


Managing director: Arno Löbbecke


Communications: Barbara Schindler (+49 30 340 467 19; schindler(at)archplus.net)


Project assistance: Friederike Kiko


Design: Modern Temperament/Oliver Klimpel, Till Sperrle

Project website: Knoth & Renner (Programming, Design), Karolzyk & Alan (CMS, Ticketing)


Copy-editing DE: Kirsten Thietz


Translation DE–EN: Alisa Kotmair


* Marion von Osten initiated the project and developed the conception with the curatorial team before she died in November 2020. The project is dedicated to her.

Cohabitation is a project of ARCH+ gGmbH


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Further partners

Goethe-Institut Côte d’Ivoire

Spreepark / Grün Berlin