Call for Applications: ETH Zürich and EPFL joint post-graduate MAS in Urban and Territorial Design: February 28–May 31, 2022

The Territorial Project for Social and Ecological Change
Urban and territorial design has acquired a new meaning and urgency. The joint Master of Advanced Studies at the ETH Zürich and EPFL builds an innovative urban and territorial design education addressing social and environmental challenges both within the city-territory and across wider landscapes. Engaging with notions of transformation, reuse, regeneration, reparation, and transition of habitats and ecologies, the MAS will deploy the urban and territorial project as the crucial field of knowledge production across scales.

Design and research studios form the core of the programme. Design is explored as a tool for synthesis in an expanded field of inter- and transdisciplinary exchange. The curriculum extends the scope of urban design teaching, to include both emerging developments in urban theory and a deeper understanding of the cultural and ecological dimensions of territories. Scientific research on planetary urbanisation, postcolonial thought, and the Anthropocene will be engaged in relation to urban design, landscape architecture, urban and landscape ecology, sustainable construction, and low carbon mobility.
Collaborating teams
ETH Zürich D-ARCH, Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS), Assoc. Prof. Milica Topalović (Spring 2023)
and EPFL ENAC, Habitat Research Center (HRC), Prof. Paola Viganò (Autumn 2022)

Further Information regarding the programme, eligibility, application procedure and scholarships can be found here