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BE-FELLOW Program by Bauhaus Earth and Experimental

The call for applications for the next Fellows of the Bauhaus Earth Fellowship Program (BE-FELLOW) is now open!

The Fellowship invites emerging talents and their proposals for experimental projects that enable new practices and knowledge of regional, regenerative and circular building and contribute to a powerful aesthetic for a sustainable architecture of the future.

BE-FELLOW invites a broad spectrum of talented, emerging international practitioners and creatives, including architects, artists, designers, engineers, scientist and cross-disciplinary collaborations, whose proposals test new modes of practice, engagement and knowledge in relation to changing natural and disciplinary boundaries and across diverse geographies and contexts.

The program offers a unique collaborative research environment, providing fellows with the financial freedom and stimulating intellectual and professional mentoring, as well as the network and conditions to pursue their experimental ideas and new design approaches in a focused way. It is an active collaboration with the BE-FELLOW team at Bauhaus Earth, integrating other project-specific partners and experts, and providing a platform for the promotion and implementation of systemic-analytical and practical building experiments.

BE-FELLOW is a collaboration between Bauhaus Earth and Experimental, a non-profit organization based in Berlin. It is complemented by the Berlin Marienpark LAB.

The deadline for submission is Monday July 1, 2024 (11:59pm CEST).

Find more informations and how to apply on the Bauhaus Earth and Experimental website and click here to download the application.

Successful applicants will be notified by September 2024. The Fellowship will run until June 2025.

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