Image Credits: Studio Muoto, Georgi Stanishev, Lennart Wolff

Ball Theater – Enter the Factory at Techne Sphere Leipzig

From May to July 2024, the modular metallic hemisphere of the Ball Theater, the French contribution to the 2023 Venice Architectural Biennale, visits the Techne Sphere in Leipzig.




The installation was conceived by a team around studio Muoto and Atelier Georgi Stanishev. Evoking many associations –a fallen Sputnik or the revolutionary architecture from Ledoux and Boullée to Buckminster Fuller– the theater enters into a dialog with the Oscar Niemeyer Sphere that hovers above the site. Clad in a blue welding curtain, the Ball Theater left the interior space of the French Pavillion and returned from an exhibition to a production site. Here, found and recycled ideas and objects of the past, detritus of techno-industrial modernity, metaphorically compose a stage where utopias for the future and planetary co-habitation unfold.

The program and the site-specific installation, which was developed by the Ball Theater design team and curator and architect Lennart Wolff, was opened by a concert by Exotourisme (Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Julien Perez). A jointly taught workshop with Isabel Lewis and Frank Minnaërt that included students from HGB Leipzig (Klasse für Performative Künste & Friends) and Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture produced a series of performances across the theater and the entire factory. On June 13, the Aris Quartett, a string quartet, will turn the architecture of the theater into a resonance chamber.

Techne Sphere Leipzig
Niemeyerstraße 2-5
04179 Leipzig

Exhibition period: May 10 - July 28, 2024
In collaboration with Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst / Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB), École d’architecture Paris-Malaquais (ENSA) and with support by Institut Français.