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The Love Tactic | Die Gefühletaktik: 72 Hour Urban Action

Bilingual ARCH+ Book

72 Hour Urban Action is the world’s first real-time architecture festival. It is also a political experiment, a kind of bureaucratic hack aiming to transform the city through grassroots and hands-on urbanism. Founded in 2010 at the Bat Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, 72HUA editions have taken place in Bat Yam, Stuttgart, Terni, Roskilde, Witten, Istanbul, Birżebbuġa, and Jena. The bilingual ARCH+ book The Love Tactic | Die Gefühletaktik reflects on past 72HUA projects and explores its central themes. The German-language half also includes a detailed examination of the festival’s most recent iteration in Jena. Meanwhile, the English part of the book expands the discourse on critical spatial practice with thematic contributions by Liza Fior, Fabienne Hoelzel, Elke Krasny, Oli Mould, and Sumayya Vally. The past decade of 72HUA has been witness to citizen movements rising up around the world against cultures of subordination, division, and exploitation. Against this backdrop, this publication also serves as a handbook illuminating concepts and practices of playful, collaborative, and participatory design of public space.

The Love Tactic  


The Love Tactic | Die Gefühletaktik

Bilingual ARCH+ Book
308 Pages, DE: 123 / EN: 185
numerous images
Editors: 72 Hour Urban Action
With contributions by: Gilly Karjevsky & Kerem Halbrecht / Liza Fior / Fabienne Hoelzel / Jessica Jakob, Kersten Kottnik, Ulrich Lakemann / Robert Jende / Elke Krasny / Uta Merkle / Oli Mould / umschichten / Sumayya Vally / Jonas Zipf
Graphic design: niessnerdesign
ISBN: 978-3931435653

The Love Tactic | Die Gefühletaktik is edited by 72 Hour Urban Action to reflect and document its first decade. 72HUA was founded by Kerem Halbrecht and is co-directed by Gilly Karjevsky. Drawing on both curating (Karjevsky) and architecture (Halbrecht), 72HUA negotiates socio-spatial conditions in the lead toward inclusive intervention. 72HUA challenges programming in public space by adopting useful approaches to art and speculative and critical approaches to design. Above all, 72HUA employs its own brand of love tactics—a playful and fun approach to how we live and make together.