Hotel Wilhelmsburg – Call for Participation

International Building Workshops, from february 11 till march 22. With Ton Matton, Jeanne van Heeswijk (tbc), Martin Kaltwasser, Benjamin Förster-Baldenius, Peter Fattinger.


Hotel Wilhelmsburg

Over the course of four workshops, each lasting one week, the research and design process in 1:1 scale will be continued. The built realization will be carried out in the typical UdN tradition – being driven by the immanent logics of materials and following principles of self-construction and radical low-budget building techniques.

Each week the individual workshops will be attended and supervised by an international guest. These include Rotterdam based artist and curator Jeanne van Heeswijk, architect and artist Martin Kaltwasser (Koebberling/Kaltwasser, Berlin) and architects Benjamin Förster-Baldenius (raumlaborberlin, Berlin) and Peter Fattinger (Design-Build Studio Vienna UT/Fattinger Orso Architektur, Vienna).

Crucial for a successful participation is one’s motivation and skills in realizing a built structure in the unique context of the “Hotel Wilhelmsburg” project, where familiar tools and images of architecture will prove to have limited feasibility. Radical pragmatism is put to the test: Go out and start doing it! Just build it!



Workshop #3:
UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
11. – 15. February 2013
10am – 6pm

Ton Matton,
Artist and Urban Planer, Wendorf

The third Workshop is dedicated to carrying out and realizing a central element of the Hotel in a 1:1 scale. The goal is the construction of an individual cell, as the prototype of a hotel room. Through the experimentation with different materials and building designs, prototypical building practices will be approached, and from this gain decisive knowledge for the imminent execution planning. Parallel to the built implementation of hotel sections, he launch of our central community functions under real conditions is probed.

Workshop #4
UdN  Wilhelmsburg. Block Course
25. February – 22. March 2013
10am – 6pm

The final phase of the project will see the Neighborhood’s University (UdN) transform its building once again, condensing and extending all uses which have been established throughout the past four years. During the presentation year of the International Building Exhibit (IBA), this process will take on a new form - the temporary “Hotel Wilhelsmburg”. Relationships to local actors and their micro economies will be intensified, as they will comprise the hotel operations and services. The UdN will merge its academic approach with that of hotel operations, not only geared towards meeting the needs of guests, visitors and neighbors, but also fostering a space of interdisciplinary exchange and hangout for the general public.

Workshop #4/1: 25.02. - 01.03.
Jeanne van Heeswijk (tbc),
Artist and Urban Curator, Rotterdam

Workshop #4/2: 04.03. - 08.03.
Martin Kaltwasser
Architect and Artist, Koebberling/Kaltwasser, Berlin

Workshop #4/3: 11.03. - 15.03.
Benjamin Förster-Baldenius

Performing Architect, raumlaborberlin, Berlin

Workshop #4/4: 18.03. - 22.03.
Peter Fattinger
Architect, Design-Build Studio Vienna
UT Fattinger Orso Architektur, Vienna


Requirements We invite professionals, students and researchers from the planning and social fields such as architects, urban planners, urban designers, civil engineers, social scientists, geographers and experts from related fields. This workshop will be held in English and German.

Board and Lodging During the workshops parts of the UdN will already be used as a hotel: participants will have the opportunity to live in the building while working on its architectural transformation. Don’t forget to bring your own sleeping bag and towel! Living together and especially cooking together are essential components of the UdN project, which regularly turn our Kitchen Salon into a central point of communication and exchange.

Construction site clothing Participants need to bring their safety boots (S3) as well as a construction site helmet. Please note that the Hafen City University Hamburg takes no responsibility for potentially lost or stolen items while you are taking part in the workshops.

S: 1 week (plus documentation) 3 CP
M: 3 weeks 5 CP
L: 4 weeks (plus documentation) 8 CP
Certificate of Participation

Attendance and Registration
To register, please send a short description of yourself and how your skills and knowhow might contribute to the workshops (max. 1 A4; whole application shouldn‘t be larger than 10 MB)
until February 18th to

For further information on the workshops

For more information on the International Building Exhibition Hamburg see: ARCH+ 198/199 Haus der Zukunft: IBA Hamburg: Smart Price Houses – Smart Material Houses – Hybrid Houses – Water Houses