ARCH+ features

ARCH+ features 49: One Day with John Hejduk

Figures, Creatures, Characters

Department of Architecture
ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, HIL, gta Exhibitions
April 28, 2016 (Thursday), 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.

organized by Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, Asst. Prof. Dr. Alex Lehnerer
in collaboration with ARCH+


K. Michael Hays, Harvard GSD
Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, ETH Zürich
Thomas Padmanabhan, Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten
Wim van den Bergh, RWTH Aachen
Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, BeL Architekten
Philip Ursprung, ETH Zürich
Sam Jacob, Sam Jacob Studio
Alex Lehnerer, ETH Zürich
Anh-Linh Ngo, ARCH+

The roundtable symposium aims to offer a way to begin to understand the work of John Hejduk, an enigmatic figure within the discipline and history of architecture. How do we begin to understand a work that is not easily “teachable” or distilled into memorable soundbites? What are the values or potentials of Hejduk’s work in the present-day architectural context? What could be the relevance of this figure that largely worked outside of the constructs of theory and practice? How do we understand concepts of “Figure” and “Character” today?

Further we are interested in the work and points of view of each of the invited guests, especially pertaining to the concepts of figure, character, image and related concepts relevant to architecture’s expressive or critical capacities. Additional topics and interests include the relationship between architecture and the city and/or the use of architecture’s visual media (drawings, models) to construct arguments and narratives. 

Symposium: http://www.plansandpolitics.com/events/figures-creatures-characters-one-day-with-john-hejduk/
gta Hejduk Exhibition: https://www.gta.arch.ethz.ch/veranstaltungen/john-hejduk/informationen


1:00-1:15 Alex Lehnerer Welcome & Introduction
1:15-2:00 K. Michael Hays: Introductory Lecture—Hejduk’s work and significance within the discipline
2:00-2:45 Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani: Hejduk’s Urbanism—Berlin Masque/IBA 1984
2:45-3:15 Thomas Padmanabhan: Characters/Figures (e.g. Binningen I & II, Rüschlikon)
3:15-3:45 [30 min – Coffee break]
3:45-4:15 Wim van den Bergh: Hejduk’s Masques and their Representation; Collaborating with Hejduk
4:15-4:45 Anne-Julchen Bernhardt: Characters/Figures (e.g. Loggiavelo, Gärtnerhof Overmeyer, Kleines Haus Blau, Liebe Deine Stadt)
4:45-5:15 Philip Ursprung: “Figures, Creatures, Characters” in the history of Art and Architecture
5:15-5:45 Sam Jacob: Characters/Figures (e.g. Essex, Nonument, Hoogvliet, Ruralurbia)
5:45-6:00 Wrap-up

Note: Seats are limited, no reservation possible.