Graphic Concept and Design: Kristina Pujkilovic Image: Pointcould of a tree in Munich by LiDAR scanning, Hadi Yazdi, 2023

ArchitectureNature – NatureArchitecture

Symposium, June 16th, 2023, from 9–19h in the Aula of the Department of Architecture, Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences, Karlstraße 6, 80333 München

For in-person or online participation please register via info@architecturenature.org


ArchitectureNature – NatureArchitecture: neglect construct care

Our relation to nature is more ambivalent than ever. “Nature”, as that part of the world that exists independently of humans and existed before them, has been a place of desire at least since Romanticism, from which human civilization is increasingly distancing itself. And today, in the age of the Anthropocene, we have to realize that nature simply no longer exists as a counter-world to human creativity - from the global climate to microplastics in soil microorganisms, humans decisively intervene in all metabolic and life processes of the planet. On the one hand, this results in an ever-increasing responsibility for the life forms that surround us, on the other hand, it also means that humans are becoming ever more dependent on the preservation of the “natural” foundations of life. “Environmental protection” today is no longer the preservation of a rare bird species; environmental protection has become an intrinsic human interest. The line between nature and the man-made world is blurred.

If we have long been accustomed to conceiving of the city as a manifestation of progress, in an antagonistic relation consuming all the very resources like energy, raw materials, water or food that are produced or extracted in the surrounding countryside, now the city is the place where, more than anywhere else, the transformation to a circular, resource-conserving and overall “nature positive” form of economic activity must take place. The relationship of the city and architecture to nature, of nature in the city and architecture as part of a „natural“ cycle touches on questions of a “green infrastructure” as well as a change of consciousness in dealing with all forms of life in the city—shifting our understanding of density, control and technology.

ArchitectureNature - NatureArchitecture aims to critically gather current and retrospective views on a green infrastructure of the city. The three major fields of Soil, Water and Plants provide the thematic structure. Within each of the three thematic areas, the three fields of action Construct, Care and Neglect are intended to address contrasting and complementary principles in dealing with urban “nature“.



  • Elena Ferrari, Urbanist and Landscape Architect / Università Iuav di Venezia
    "Hybrid Urban Landscapes: A Project of Street Trees Soil Testing in Berlin"
  • Frank Koch, Entomologist / Museum of Natural History Berlin + Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science
    "Biodiversity of the Traffic-islands in Berlin"
  • Fahim Amir, Philosopher, independent Researcher and Author
    "Against the shallow romanticization of urban nature - politics instead of ethics"
  • Amina Chouairi, Landscape Architect / School of Doctorate Studies, Università Iuav di Venezia
    "Natura Humana: Limits and Contradictions of Brackish Marshlands Restoration Projects in the Lagoon of Venice"
  • Verena Vogler, Architect + researcher in computational design / R&D McNeel Europe, Bauhaus-University Weimar
    "Computational artificial reef design + high precision underwater monitoring strategies"
  • Daniel Köhler, Architecture Computation / University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture
    "Natürlich? - an architecture of indifference and their ethical question marks"
  • Harald Kraft, Water Engineer / Kraft Engineers Water Resource Management, Berlin
    "Sponge City: Claim and Reality"
  • Marije Van Lidth de Jeude - Oliver Schütte, Architects / Directors + Founders of A-01, Costa Rica
    "From the no footprint house to regenerative development"
  • Marie Davidová, Systemic and Urban Designer + Researcher / IntCDC, University of Stuttgart
    "CoDesigning Post-Anthropocene"
  • Ines Dantas, Co-Founder at WUDA* Architects + Research Associate at Technical University of Munich
    "Architectural Engagements with Urban Trees"
  • Wilfried Middleton, Researcher in Living Architecture / Hollin Bank Farm, UK
    "Contemporary tools for vernacular approaches in engineering design"
  • Miriam Ferstl, Visual Artist, Photographer, Author / Munich
    "Can we communicate with trees - an artistic research approach"


Organisation and Moderation

  • Ferdinand Ludwig, Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture, TU Munich; Co-founder Office for Living Architecture, Stuttgart
  • Sandra Bartoli, Art and Design Research Institute, University of Applied Sciences Munich; Co-founder Büros für Konstruktivismus, Berlin
  • Silvan Linden, Co-founder Büros für Konstruktivismus
  • Andres Lepik, History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice, TU Munich; Director Architekturmuseum TUM, Pinakothek der Moderne